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Ethics Code

Miller's personal ethics code that she lives by and works by as a journalist. 

Seeking truth through good writing and photography is what drives me as a journalist. I want to find people's stories that aren't told often or told at all. I believe not just in the black and white law but the moral compass and conscious that's inside of me. I'm not in the business of lies, libel and plagiarism. Independent and fair journalism should be the only kind of journalism. I serve the public and I aim to do that job well each and every day. The six values below are what guide me each and every day in life and as a journalist. 

Fairness to all sides of politics, families, cultures, etc. is a core value of good journalism. I aim to write every story with equality and equity in mind. 

Hard work is something that I've valued my entire life and what I credit every success in my life to. If I work hard, good will come.  

Honesty is what I aim to have in any career and workplace I encounter. Being honest with those I work with, write about, and photograph is key.  

Empathy is the value that I try to remind myself of most often in everyday life. Before I judge -- I do my best to step into their shoe's first. 

As a journalist I know that my responsibility is to serve the public and serve them with well-written and photographed content. 

Grace is so important to me in the workplace and my personal life. I make mistakes — we all do. Forgiveness sets us free just as much as the person that did something wrong. 

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